What is your urine made of?

What is in your urine

Human urine consists primarily of water (91% to 96%), but there is certainly more to it than just water.

Here is a break down of the chemical composition of human urine:

Table of Urine Chemical Composition

Urine composition in human males:

Chemical Concentration in g/100 ml urine
Water 95
Urea 2
Sodium 0.6
Chloride 0.6
Sulfate 0.18
Potassium 0.15
Phosphate 0.12
Creatinine 0.1
Ammonia 0.05
Uric acid 0.03
Calcium 0.015
Magnesium 0.01

Chemical Elements in Human Urine

The element abundance depends on diet, health, and hydration level, but human urine consists of approximately:

  • Oxygen (O): 8.25 g/l
  • Nitrogen (N): 8/12 g/l
  • Carbon (C): 6.87 g/l
  • Hydrogen (H): 1.51 g/l