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About Us

Founded in 1999, UrineTheClear® continues to be at the forefront of the drug-testing solutions industry with innovative products and procedures. We were the first on the market to dehydrate human urine, the first company to offer a 300% guarantee and continue to be the only company that utilizes GC/MS (gas chromatography/mass spectrometry) when testing our urine.
In the past decade, many companies in our industry have come and gone, while UrineTheClear® continues to grow. In our 17+ years in business we have sold well over 50,000 “kits”. In fact, approximately 80% of our business constitutes repeat and referral customers, a testament to both the effectiveness of the products we offer and the level of service we provide.

Guarantee Statement

UrineTheClear® guarantees all kits have been pre-tested and are drug-free. UrineTheClear guarantees a 300% refund if your kit’s sample ever tests positive for the presence of drugs and/or adulterants.
You must return the unused portion of sample to us no later than 2 weeks after test result is confirmed, along with positive test result. User’s name must be same as purchaser’s. Please include the number printed on the body of the evidence bag.